Beer Tasting with the Shelton Brothers


Meulemans’ welcomes Matt Dinges from Shelton Brothers Importers as the beer guide for the last in their “Road Trip” tasting series. The Shelton Brothers, a small company based in Massachusetts, hand-selects the best beers from around the world and brings them back for you. They feel the best beers are brewed with a sense of place, a distinctive house character, and an appreciation for tradition, value, and/or the natural art of beer-making. Most often, this is expressed in breweries producing unfiltered, unsweetened, unpasteurized beers in small quantities. As an intimate specialty beer shop, Meulemans’ schedule free tastings as a way to say thank you to the locals and visitors alike. Customers find the tastings a great way to expand their beer pallet in a casual setting and to meet other beer enthusiasts.

Cost: FREE


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