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Beertopia is Hong Kong’s largest craft beer festival. Started in 2012, the first festival featured over 1,700 attendees tasting over 90 different beers from around the world. The festival also included food, live music, beer lectures, and beer games.

Beertopia was started by Jonathan So simply because there were no other craft beer festivals in Hong Kong. Originally from Toronto, and having lived in New York for many years, he was surprised to discover the lack of diversity in the beer selection in Hong Kong bars, as well as a general apathy towards beer.

The goal of Beertopia is to provide an opportunity for people to taste and learn about quality beers they might not be aware of, and to do this in a fun and lively environment. While there are food and wine events in Hong Kong that also include beer, beer is typically an afterthought. By bringing beer to the forefront, hopefully the festival can help raise the interest of craft beer in Hong Kong.

Cost: HK$250 - HK$500

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GoufCustom 4/11/2013
Gunning for the Mikkellers!

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