Dieu du Ciel! at Blind Tiger


If you haven’t been to Dieu du Ciel! up in Montreal, you must go - there is no other brewpub like it in the world. The place is incredibly unique, with a style and approach that is completely its own. As with most special places, it begins with the people who make it happen: Stephane, the president, Jean Francoise, the executive brewer, as well as the team they work and travel with. This amazing band of people has dedicated their lives to producing incredibly distinctive beers. Then again, these elixirs are merely a symptom of the spirit that pervades their entire establishment, and everything they do there. I think Stephane and JF could make anything, and we would all want to have it. Luckily for us, they chose Peche Mortel as the way to express themselves.

If you have ever spent time with the Dieu du Ciel! team, you know how much they love life - good food, good drink, good people, and a good sunrise mean it was a day, and a night, well spent. Whenever they come to town, I know it’s going to be a long one, because they will not rest until the day is done, and there is nothing left but bones. And like the great chefs that they are, they use those bones to produce the stock for the next day and night, and the one after that. This otherworldly stamina is another thing that sets them, and their city, apart.

They are also famous for the crowd that always follows them. Whenever I see Stephane or JF, whether it be in New York, or at the Craft Brewers Conference, or Beer Mondial, they are always surrounded by a heavenly host of people. When I’m feeling up to it, and I join that merry band, it isn’t long before I’m part of some Medieval traveling show, one that never stops but only pauses, before it begins again. A swirl of revelry that gets the most out of everything it touches.

On Weds, April the 24th, starting at 3 pm, and pausing at some distant point in the future, come down to the Tiger and join Dieu du Ciel! as we all say Amen to that...


The List!

Grande Noirceur 9.0% Imperial stout
Fortunella 7.20% Kumquat IPA
Pionnière 9.50% Imperial Black IPA
Chaman 9.0% Imperial Pale Ale
Basse Messe 5.00% Kolsch
Péché Bourbon 9.50% Imperial Coffee stout aged in Bourbon barrel
Solstice d’Hiver 10.2% Barley wine
Neuvaine 8.0% Absinth beer
Pénombre 6.5% Black IPA
Mea Culpa 6.00% India Cream ale
Purgatoire/Archeo 10.20% Old style porter aged in oak barrel / Collaboration with Trou du Diable
Isseki Nicho 9.5% Imperial Dark Saison
Cornemuse 8.00% Scotch ale
Péché Mortel 9.5% Imperial coffee stout


Equinoxe du printemps
Grande Noirceur

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