38 Degrees Bottle Share #4


For those not familiar with bottle shares, lovers/enthusiasts of beer gather, bringing a couple of bottles that you’d like to crack open and share with the group. This is a great way to meet people that share your passion for beer, and a even better way to try beers you haven’t been able to find, or weren’t sure about buying until you tried it.

Here are some tips/guidelines for our inaugural monthly bottle share:

- Please bring a couple bottles. Don’t feel obligated to bring anything more than 2- 22oz. bottle or 4 - 12 oz. bottles. If you are going to bring along friends, the more the merrier, but have them bring some fun bottles too.

- Bring something on the unique/interesting side. Don’t stop by 7/11 on the way and bring a bomber of Corona. Try not to bring beers you are pretty sure everyone has tried multiple times.

- Feel free to bring home brews that you are proud to share.
Bring your friends who might be new to craft beer. This is a real eye opening experience!

-This isn’t a drunk fest. This is to promote the diverse world of craft beer, please don’t bring your hunting ice chest and a 30 pack.

- We have a large selection of amazing bottles to purchase if you are empty handed or stumped.

-Please tip our servers. We will be providing the glassware.

626 282-2038


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