Danish Ratebeer Summer Gathering 2013 (TSODRBSG13)


The Sixth Official Danish Ratebeer Summer Gathering 2013 (TSODRBSG13)

Bring some beers for others to taste

Saturday the 31th of August @ our place in Ulfborg.

It will be a summer tasting for ratebeerians.

We will start around 13.00 which suits with trains arrivals both from north/east & south

It will be possible to sleep at our place, either on the floor or in tents.
You will have to bring your own sleeping gear. (We have a few tents and mattresses that a few of you can borrow, this is mainly an offer/help for people travelling by train or plane.)

3½ km from our place there is a camp site, Rejkjær Camping, where it also will be possible to rent holiday cabins, or put up your own tent. (Witch you also can in our garden).

- You will have to bring a couple of beers for the tasting and some cheese and crips for snacks

- We will have some sandwiches for lunch at arrival.

- In the evenning we will do a barbeque, it is on a Dutch party basis, we will do the shopping and we all share the costs.

Send me you email / google acount for access to google doc so you can add what beers you bring to the tasting for us to taste.

Cost: aprox. 200 Dkr (food saturday and sunday morning)

Cost: 200 Dkr


Jan Bolvig
[email protected]


Dedollewaitor 8/17/2013
Really looking forward to seeing you guys again! Skål!
hallinghansen 8/16/2013
I cant wait until the 31st of August!! It´s gonna be awesome
Desverger 8/1/2013
Same day as Ølmesse :( Would like to make the possible 7th gathering next time :)
Skumse 7/23/2013
A shame it's so far from CPH. :(
Skumse 7/23/2013
A shame it's so far from CPH. :(
Skumse 7/23/2013
A shame it's so far from CPH. :(
Benzai 7/15/2013
Just like Joes I'll travel to Denmark by car. Will bring all beers in my cellar Jan doesn't know ;)
yngwie 7/13/2013
Can't be there this year :-( Will be in the US from early Aug to Sept. Hope that will be a good replacement :-) Will most certainly miss the people and food though.
yngwie 7/13/2013
fonefan 7/10/2013
Re. Train back to Copenhagen. Is not easy in the evening but next morning is not a problem, asume that fex yespr will do the same.
KyotoLefty 7/4/2013
How difficult is it to get back to Copenhagen by train in the evening or the next morning?
joes 6/17/2013
We're coming by car, so place your orders ! :-)
KansaiBeerLvrs 6/13/2013
Too bad I leave Denmark on the 30th!

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