Ballast Point Variations Night


Ballast Point Variations Night - Beachwood BBQ & Brewing - Downtown Long Beach

Our friends at Ballast Point Brewing Co. in San Diego have been making alternate versions of their award-winning beers for years. On Thursday May 23rd, we’re giving you a rare opportunity to try a unique pairing of several of those beers.

We’ll have three beers unaltered and in their pure form; Wahoo Wheat, Sextant Stout, and Dorado DIPA. Next to each will be a altered version; Thai Chili Wahoo Wheat, Sour Barrel Aged Sextant Stout (On Nitro) and Dorado On Nitro. Each of these beers will be paired with a small bite of food to bridge the two beers. The final pairing will feature two limited fruit beers; bOOb Check(Pink ale made with cherries, hibiscus petals, and lime. Brewed for “Beer for Boobs”) and Barmy (made with apricots and carmelized honey) with a dessert bite to finalize the pairing.

Each beer will be available as a single serving; 1/2 pour of each beer along with the small bite, or as a flight with all the small bites of food. More details about this event as available will be found on our Facebook & Twitter.


Jarred Ekstrom
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