Beer Scene Awards Ceremony


The Best of the Philly Beer Scene Awards are back and even bigger than last year. As with last years event, we will once again be rolling out 150’ of red carpet and have the paparzi on site taking your picture. Along the way, you’ll have the oppotunity to step in front of our giant Step & Repeat and have your picture taken by our professional photographers and possibly be interviewed by our red carpet host.

Once you’ve reached the end of the red carpet, you’ll receive a custom glass made just for the show, that will be yours to take home. Your first fill of the glass from the downstairs bar will be included. There will be five special beers and five firkins representing the nominees available that night as well as a very special keg of a hibiscus sour ale made just for the show by Weyerbacher. This is the ONLY night this beer will ever be available (only 1 barrel of this beer exists)!

Around 7:30, the house band, Swift Technique, will take the stage and the show will begin. You can find your way to the mezzanine where will you’ll have a seat for the entire show. A waitstaff will be taking your beer orders throughout, all of which will be included in the ticket price. Note, the only beers that will be included in the ticket price are the first beer you order at the downstairs bar and any that are ordered through a server while the show is still going on. Anything else before or after is not included and will be PAYG. This also does not include gratuity, food orders, or any non-beer or bottled beer options.

The show, hosted by the one and only Joe Gunn, will last for about 2-3 hours and will feature a who’s who of the craft beer industry. Many of your favorite local brewers and bar owners, as well as other local beer celebrites, will be on hand presenting and accepting awards.

Once the show concludes, the open bar will end, but there will be time for at least one more beer and some mingling at the main bar downstairs. When you’re ready to leave, we will have an extremely limited bottle of the Weyerbacher hibiscus sour ale waiting for you to take home. If you need a ride home, we’ll also have fancy UBER cabs ready to get you where you need to go and will even have a discount code for first-time users.

So be sure to dress up or at least wear something special, as this is sure to be a night to remember. Tickets are EXTREMELY limited as this is mostly an industry event and we don’t want to crowd the room. There are less than 50 seats available to the general public.

Tickets will not be available at the door the day of the event.

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