BeerExpo Finland 2013


”Drink less, taste more”

BeerExpo Finland 2013 will be organized in idyllic old harbor warehouses of Wanha Satama at downtown of Helsinki, on 18th –20th of October.
Finland’s largest annual event introducing brewery and distillery products, gathering together consumers as well professionals with heart for high quality beverages.
All prominent producers and distributors of Finland’s markets are present!

BeerExpo is not typical beer festival with live music, instead event is solely focused for sharing information about products and production processes. There will be on display hundreds different beers, ciders and whiskies, ready to be tasted with guidance of brew masters and similar professionals. Beers and ciders are available in 15 or 30 cl tasting servings, allowing very diverse tasting experience for visitors.

Variety of professionals from around the world is going to hold short lectures, about topics with great interest for friends of quality beverages. One of the main themes of BeerExpo Finland 2013 is beer as dinner beverage, what will show on expo stands and in lectures.

In collaboration with new dynamic whisky association VYS (Viskin Ystävien Seura ry = translates as “Fellowship of Whisky”), we aim to display most interesting selection of whiskies working closely together with distributors. Goal is to provide unforgettable tasting experiences especially for beginners and novices, and therefore at the event will professionals hold multiple whisky tastings daily.

BeerExpo Finland 2013 provides excellent opportunity for consumers to gain up to date information, meet industry professionals and sample wide variety of quality beverages.

Cost: 10-15€

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