Zwanze Day 2013


Zwanze Day is an international, simultaneous tapping of a one-off Cantillon lambic that visits a handful of special locations around the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. Nearly all of the beer is draft-only, allowing as many people to taste it as possible while cutting down on black market reselling and profiteering, which prompted the first Zwanze Day in 2011.

Previous releases:

Zwanze 2008 – Rhubarb lambic
Zwanze 2009 – Elderflower lambic, eventually became Mamouche
Zwanze 2010 – Spontaneously fermented witbier
Zwanze 2011 – Recreation of Pinot D’Aunis, a fruit lambic brewed with Pineau d’Aunis grapes
Zwanze 2012 – Recreation of Zwanze 2008


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