Zwanze Day 2013 (Avenue Pub)


Zwanze at the Pub is more than just the one beer. We celebrate the style of spontaneous brewing as well as exquisite Belgian beers all weekend. Because there is always only ONE keg of Zwanze, we cellar beers all year long for tapping on that day and we encourage our guests to think past just the Zwanze and come make a weekend of it. Special tappings on Friday night (the night before) and Saturday morning will give you plenty of rare beer to enjoy while you wait for the official Zwanze Tapping at 2pm!
Draft sours we we know so far:

- Cantillon Zwanze 2013
- Cantillon Kriek
- Cantillon Iris (Zwanze Edition)
- Cantillon St Lamvinus
- Tilquin Gueuze
- Struise Weltmertz
- Loverbeer Madamin
- Trois Dame Grande Dames
- Trois Dames L’ Amourseuse Rouge

The list is still developing…more on rare Struise sours, Drie Fonteinen and rare Antillon bottles in the next few weeks!

We have not yet been given pricing on Zwanze so we can’t provide a firm ticket price. but take a look at the format of the event below…
Zwanze Day Ticket

This will include 2 different 6 ounce pours of your choice (while supplies last) from the beers listed. Estimated price, $12 (plus sales tax).

- Cantillon Zwanze 2012
- Cantillon Kriek
- Cantillon St Gilloise
- Cantillon St Lamvinus (Wine Grape Lambic)
- Cantillon Iris (Zwanze edition, not dry hopped)
- some very special cellared bottles!

A note about why our format works for us:

We have now successfully run several of these high profile tappings. The feedback we’ve gotten from customers is that their experience is relaxing and fun! They never have to worry if someone will push in front of them, they don’t have to stand in line, or get to the bar 6 hours before a tapping to insure they get to drink the beer they came for. All the fabulous rare beers we tap mean a fun time while you wait for the Zwanze tapping at 2pm. Plan to make a day of it at the Pub. We won’t sell you a ticket or put your name on the waiting list if you plan to leave and come back. Only people present will be put and kept on the “arrival list” or sold a ticket.

Tickets can only be purchased in person on the day of the event.

The Zwanze 2013 Tapping will be at 2pm, but some of the other beers will be available prior to 2pm. Some beers are so limited that they will only be poured for ticket holders. Purchasing a ticket is not a guarantee that the ticket holder will get any particular beer listed on the ticket. We only sell 135 tickets but IF there is more waste than we expect in a keg or a bottle, we could run out.

Ticket sales will not begin until shortly prior to the Zwanze tapping on September 14th. We will keep track of those who arrive earlier and tickets will be sold to those individuals in the order in which they arrived at the Pub.

We have a small bar and lots of people waiting can clog up the works. Please do not arrive early and occupy seating until you are ready to order something. Your name will be put on the “arrival list” when you have ordered your first beer and I will personally be walking around to let people know when to buy their tickets. Initially the upstairs bar will be closed but when the downstairs fills up those who arrived first will be given first crack at moving upstairs for the balcony seating. Zwanze will be tapped in the upstairs bar.

Please do NOT bring your own beer to open & share with customers on Zwanze weekend!

Normally we allow our customers to bring in a bottle or two of rare beer or homebrew to open and pour for their friends; this weekend is simply too busy for us to accommodate for this.
We look forward to seeing you on Zwanze Day!

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brystmar 7/30/2013
Oh god, I hope that isn't a typo and Zwanze '12 really will be on tap again!

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