Copenhagen Beerfestival


From 22. to 24. of May 2014 our Beer Festival will be held at the historical surroundings at the venue of the past Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen – one of the most popular events in Copenhagen!

Danish Beer Enthusiasts has hosted Beer Festival Copenhagen since 2001. It is open to everyone that wants to learn more about beer, taste new beers or just want an extraordinary beer experience. At the beer festival you will find a variety of beers where creativity and fantasy has been at stake. Moreover you can participate in tutored tastings and sessions in beer-related topics with speakers from home and abroad. An additional fee is charged for the tastings and sessions.

Danish Beer Enthusiasts expect to be able to present more than 800 different beers from 70 stand holders. Danish as well as foreign breweries will be represented.

Cost: Entry DKK 100,-


Bo L. Jensen
[email protected]


brnandersen 5/15/2014
Festivalprogram her:
kask 5/2/2014
Håber ikke at alt øllet er søbet i egetræ.
Plovmand 4/28/2014
Kommer der mon snart et program?
fonefan 10/11/2013
Øh .. på siger de fra den 22 til 24 Maj

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