Bracka Jesień 2013


Another edition of Bracka Jesień, sponsored by Grupa Żywiec, will take part in Polish city of Cieszyn, close to Czech border.

Both local, home-brewer and imported beers (approximately 300) will be available, as well as beer gadgets. Especially for this event, Brackie Mastne beer has been brewed again. Apart from beer, Slow Food products will be offered.

There will be a unique opportunity to attend night visiting of the historical building of the brewery in Cieszyn. Both normal and night visiting will be free of charge, except for an extended tour connected with beer tasting.

Polish Homebrewer Association will make a public show of beer brewing. The event will also feature live music.

Time: Friday 18-24, Saturday 7-24, Sunday 11-18


Krystyna Nowak
[email protected]
+48 33 851 64 02


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