Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014


Tickets can be bought here:

Will be available from 2013-11-01 20.00 CET.

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kask 5/2/2014
Håber ikke at alt øllet er søbet i egetræ :-)
Galaba 5/1/2014
I am selling 1 ticket for the red session (saturday morning).
mR_fr0g 4/30/2014
Full list is up
ShejkNasrallah 4/29/2014
IP trades on CBC, gents & ladies? Check out our website and go to the pdf "Ölmeny" to find interesting stuff. Got 500+ bottles & loads of them all. Almost. BM us at [email protected] for questions or tradepropositions. ISO;rare Cantillon or 3F & the great americans(Hunahpu etc.)
Kaaz 4/27/2014
I have an extra ticket for both sessions on friday (Yellow and blue sessions). PM me if interested. Or send an e-mail to [email protected]
kappldav123 4/19/2014
Still looking for one ticket for one of the saturday sessions (red or green). Can offer money and/or beer. Any help much appreciated!
Balderbitch 4/15/2014
IP trade at CBC? I got loads of lambics. BM, and I will get back to you.
patric11 4/11/2014
Coming over from New York for CBC, would love to set up an IP trade. Mainly looking for one off/limited cantillon or 3 Fonteinen. Please see for info.
FlavioSP 4/11/2014
I want trade. Plenty of Brazilian gems, also some American(Hunahpus14, KBS, Black Tuesday) Looking for Cantillon Foufoune, Black Damnation 4, Doubleblueberry :-)
kaufmanised 4/6/2014
if anyone wants to setup a trade i have plenty of stuff UK and American to bring to the party
arthe 3/31/2014
I'm looking for a red ticket. Please BM me if you have one to sell! Thanks!
arthe 3/31/2014
I’m looking for a red ticket. Please BM me if you have one to sell! Thanks!
aenima 3/11/2014
Interested in IP trades. FT: Cantillon, Rodenbach, Westwleteren.
Dedollewaitor 3/9/2014
If interested in personal trade beermail me. Ill be at the early friday session. Looking for unrated quality stuff.
beerandbeyond 3/6/2014
Looking for a single red, green or both tickets. if anyone has a spare one, please contact me here or at: [email protected] Thanks!
kermis 2/15/2014
IP trades more than welcome. Plenty of Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen and Dutch locals available. Check my cellar and shoot me a BM
Hobbstacle 1/15/2014
Hi. Looking for a blue ticket if anyone has one please. Please BM me. Thanks!!!
GothGargoyle 1/5/2014
Willing to do a deal with anyone that can give me 1 pink ticket, please BM
BRW 12/31/2013
I'm also looking for a pink ticket. Please BM me if you have any to spare.
Singularity 12/7/2013
I have tickets to yellow and red sessions to sell. BeerMail me for details EDIT: red tickets are sold. Still one yellow left
saxo 11/3/2013
I also forgot to buy at the right time and yesterday all were sold out :( I will take any second tickets that Rasmus hasnt bought. :(
Rasmus40 11/2/2013
I forgot to buy and now tickets are sold out. If anyone has a pink ticket or tickets for multiple sessions to spare, please shoot me a beermail and let’s work something out.

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