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A Good beer evening
Choose a beer you enjoy or something you have been saving up for a special occasion, open it, drink it and post your thoughts on the thread that will be set up for it

Cost: Whatever beer you choose

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Niller 12/3/2013
I'm looking forward to tasting the Belgian beer, Criminal Hendrik Quadrupel, tonight
saxo 12/3/2013
I rerated O'haras Christmas Velvet :)
saxo 12/3/2013
I rerated O'haras Christmas Velvet :)
ThisWangsChung 12/2/2013
Since I'm (probably) the only 'Murican here, I'll drink something quintessentially 'Murican - '13 Bourbon County Brand Stout.
HenrikSoegaard 12/2/2013
I will drink a Redwillow or a Danish christmas beer
ThisWangsChung 12/2/2013
double post, disregard
SarkyNorthener 11/30/2013
Bought a couple of Belgian beers for this but I drank them last night. May need to go and buy some others.
bhensonb 11/29/2013
Looks like fun. Worthington's White Shield. Long ago a MJ Beer Club selection. Been to the brewery pre-Coors when it was on at the museum.
Holmen1 11/29/2013
Brewdog Voodoo Doll - a revelation if you're into aromas and flavours of mango, papaya and pineapple. Citra rules!
Cunningham 11/29/2013
A couple from Thornbridge will go down :-)
gunnar 11/29/2013
I have a Tea Total from Craig and a Mikkeller X-mas Porter 2013 ready for tuesday,and some De Molen as well....
SmelterBeers 11/29/2013
In the event that I can get to the shop in time this might just be the evening to see whether my homebrewed clone actually compares to Orval. The shop being a catholic religious artefacts store that happens to stock a range of Trappist beers!
IrishBoy 11/29/2013
I will imbibe and rate a Tired Hands Hand Farm & Tired Hands Guillemot (both BA siasons)
Arve_Christian 11/28/2013
Maybe take a retaste of a Westy 8 or 12
Rune 11/28/2013
Finn and I join in and drink beers we have received from Fin&Loz, harrisoni,fonefan, JohnRMurdoch and Skinnyviking. Cheers!
adwalton53 11/26/2013
what a great idea. must visit beer huise in ossett for a few bottles from their great range of bottles
pivnizub 11/26/2013
Some seasonal Bocks from Buttenheim or Mallersdorf could be fine …
allmyvinyl 11/26/2013
Think I'll seek out the Cromarty / Tempest Cone Head for this.
Creedence 11/26/2013
I've got some very expensive treats aging, but I might hold off on them. I do have one Pliny the Elder though, may just be the night for it!
BlackHaddock 11/21/2013
I'll make mine a 'La Trappe/Struise' evening. <*))))))><
tommann 11/20/2013
Whatever's new at cotteridge, I'll get. It's been too long.
tommann 11/20/2013
Whatever's new at cotteridge, I'll get. It's been too long.
Theydon_Bois 11/20/2013
God knows what but I fly in from the states on the 1st so I'm sure there'll be something in my suitcase to crack open this night!
harrisoni 11/20/2013
Pizza Port Cuvee de Tomme for me, Orval, something from Struise and De Molen.

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