Colin And The Vikings - The Pubcrawl


A ratebeerian pub-crawl in Gothenburg, Sweden, on March 21.

Some of the english ratebeerians are visiting Sweden this weekend, and friday is pub-crawl day.

We aim to visit as many good pubs in Gothenburg as possibe.

The event is free, except from the beers, and anyone can join and leave when they want to.

It is not possible to book a table for dinner in advance, so we have to find food somewhere else. Either we find a table at one of the places, or we aim for some fast-food.

Please note that we might be delayed during the day. Send a beermail to rlgk if you wanna catch up with us and I let you know where we are at that time.

Here is the Schedule:
12.45 Lunch at Ölrepubliken
Tram to Järntorget (8 mins)
13.45 Bishops Arms Järntorget
14.30 Ölstugan Tullen 2:a Långgatan
15.15 Jerntorgets Brygghus
15.45 Rover
16.45 Bar Kino/Beefeater Inn
17.30 Haket
Tram to Valand (10 mins)
18.30 Tre Små Rum
19.30 Bishops Arms Avenyn
20.15 City Pub
Tram to Kungsportsplatsen (3 mins)
21.00 Bishops Arms Domkyrkan
Tram to Svingeln (12 mins)
22.00 Ölstugan Tullen Lejonet
22.45- ?

Cost: Free


Ronny Karlsson
[email protected]


rlgk 3/5/2014
A few changes are made. No dinner table is reserved, since the pubs dont allow it. I have also removed Stearin, and added Haket to the list.
Nisse666 2/19/2014
Looks that I can join, perhaps not that early but before the crew have had to much;). Ronny, yeah lets skip some BA’s;)
gnoff 2/10/2014
I’m a student, so I hope to be able to join for the full day.
ekstedt 2/10/2014
I will probably join in at Beefeater. And leave after Tullen Lejonet which is pretty close to my place.
_angst_ 2/9/2014
Not sure I’ll have time to attend but we’ll see. Would be fun to join for a while.
Theydon_Bois 2/9/2014
Ha - no wonder i always see Swedish beers reviewed at the Bishops Arms - theres a small army of them !!!

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