Bird Café’s First Beer Dinner Featuring Prairie Artisan Ales


Bird Café will host its first beer dinner in the Rookery on the second floor of its building. In celebration of its first beer dinner, Bird Café has joined with Chase Healey, owner and brewer of Prairie Artisan Ales, to feature six beers paired with a six-course menu prepared by Chef David McMillan:

• First Course
o Prairie Hop, a dry hopped Belgian style ale
o Paired with Herman Marshall bourbon and Texas cheese cachat; parmesan frico and toasted sesame, mandarin zest crackers
• Second Course
o Prairie Ale, a Belgian style ale
o Paired with Hawaiian fish auction crudo with coconut, Serrano pepper and curry
• Third Course
o Prairie Standard, a hoppy farmhouse ale
o Paired with forest mushroom Fritto Misto with standard vinegar and sorrel pesto
• Fourth Course
o Prairie Somewhere, a sour farmhouse ale
o Paired with braised pork belly, crispy prawn and bisque
• Fifth Course
o Funky Galaxy, a galaxy hopped black farmhouse ale
o Paired with Funky Galaxy-braised farm chicken, forbidden rice and squid ink
• Sixth Course
o Bomb!, an imperial stout aged on coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans and chili peppers
o Paired with meringue, Valrhona Satilia noire chocolate mousse, almond mole, cream scones with currant

Cost: $75

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