Hangar 24 Craft brewery tap take over At Steingarten LA


Steingarten LA is featuring Hangar 24 craft brewery as a tap take over. Thursday February 20th starting at 6:00 pm. Hangar 24 and Steingarten will be featuring some of Hangar 24’s finest. Featured beers will be Hangar 24 Dbl. IPA, Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter, Hangar 24 Hullabaloo, Hangar 24 Orange wheat, Hangar 24 Vinaceous, Hangar 24 Helles Lager, and Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra Russian Imperial Stout with maple aged in Bourbon Barrels. Come join the fun with cool free swag to be given out. Meet other like minded beer aficionados and enjoy the festivities! Come early or call for reservations! See you there at Steingarten LA! Los Angeles premier Beer Garden.



Eric Wolff


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