Oedipus Crowdfunding party


28th of February we give a SYLB (Support Your Local Brewer) party in our new venue at Westerdok 274.

The crowdfunding campaign has been going very well, Thank you! We are really happy with everyone’s support.
A good reason to celebrate that we’ve reached 100%.

BUT, we also want to make clear that we really want to go for the full 200%!

WHY another 100%?! It’s not extra or a bonus.
We need it to build the brewpub of our dreams. It also gives us the chance to leave the BANK completely out of this romantic story.

We want to make this dream possible with all of you and we want you to be part of the campaign and our brewpub.

Why you definitely don’t want to miss out on the 28th:
- Be the first to get a sneak preview of the venue
- From every beer tapped, €1,- will go straight in the campaign. So drink and support.
- There will be an auction of unreleased and rare brews. Even some of our very first beers that we’ve ever brewed.
- Awesome burgers by The Beef Chief
- It’s going to be lots of fun to finally have so many of you in our space.
- The start of a perfect VRIJMIBO tradition (finally with proper beer)

And great music by the people of Red Light Radio. They are very generous to come and play and broadcast the entire evening.

The space will still be empty, but we have lots of beer. It would be great, if we together, could add a couple more % to the campaign, at the end of the evening.

Can’t wait for the 28th? Invest here:


Bring anyone that could be interested to support us. We all hope to see you friday 28th.

(Bring Cash, No Pin available yet)


Alex, Paul, Sander, Rick Nelson

Cost: free

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