London Bimble (Hickster Invasion)


Chance for all non-London Raters to come to the capital and enjoy it’s ever-widening beer scene. The London Bimble title is in memory of Simon Johnson (Haddonsman) and a chance for us Hicksters to show the Hipsters how to drink beer.
Itinerary (massive thanks to Leighton) as follows:-
0900-1130 Kernel Brewery
Now there are meat, cheese and bread places around the Kernel to buy your lunch as it’s likely to be a bit of a picnic. Most places around Bermondsey are happy for you to eat your own food as long as you don’t make a mess. So I suggest you either bring your own or buy from the places around the arches. You guys are old and wise enough to know what you need to keep yourselves going.
Walk to
1140-1210 Anspach & Hopday/Bullfinch breweries
Walk to
1215-1300 Brew By Numbers brewery
Walk to
1315-1400 Partizan brewery
Walk to
1415-1445 FourPure brewery
1445-1500 Walk to Surrey Quays Overground station
1500-1515 Overground to High Street Shoreditch
1520-1550 BrewDog Shoreditch pub
Walk to
1555-1625 Well & Bucket pub
Walk to
1630-1700 Kings Arms pub
Walk to
1715-1815 Redchurch brewery
Walk to
1830-1900 London Fields Tap Room brewery
Walk/bus to
1915-2030 Cock Tavern pub/Howlin Hops brewery
Walk to Hackney Central for Overground trains via Highbury & Islington to St Pancras/Kings Cross and anywhere else anyone needs to get back to.
9 breweries and 3 pubs.
Anyone still standing can do Euston Tap or Craft Clerkenwell if they so desire.

Cost: Transport and beer


+44 (0)7966 564 364


Fin 2/24/2014
Looking forward to this. Have visited Kernel very frequently and BBN and Partizan a couple of times but not been to the new ones yet

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