Schell’s Bock Fest


August Schell Brewing Company, the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the country and maker of German Craft beer, will be hosting its 28th annual Bock Fest to celebrate this frigid winter away.

The much-anticipated festival is held every year in conjunction with the German Fasching festival, a traditional pre-Lenten celebration. Swarms of fans make their annual pilgrimage to Schell’s brewery to brave--and willfully defeat--the chilly weather with polka, brats, and beer.

In addition to delicious German Craft beer, Bock Fest includes the legendary Great Bock Hunt, where festers search for wooden cutouts of bock heads hidden throughout the beautiful park grounds ("bock" means "goat" in German, a derivative of the German city of Einbeck) . If all Seven Bocks of Winter are captured, spring comes early--and our 2014 polar vortex is gone for good.


Cost: $10.00


Teresa Holm
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