Churchill’s Renaissance Rare Beer Fest 2014


Churchill’s Annual Renaissance, a rare beer fest in celebrating our 11th year of serving the finest of our craft without compromise. Over 60+ rare and barrel aged incredible beers on draft, making this year’s draft list our most exciting and highest anticipated beer line-up ever. We will also be releasing the brand new 2014 Churchill’s Finest Hour in bottles and on draft. Our amazing friends at the Lost Abbey once again masterfully created this blended masterpiece of extensive barrel aged Imperial Stouts, and gracious were able to bottle us a substantial amount more this year which means more of you will have the opportunity to get your hands on this years release. Bottle sales will take place March 1st on the morning of Renaissance and will be first come first serve with a 2 bottle limit max. for all to-go purchases. Upon your early arrival you will need to check in with our security person that will be posted in the pub parking lot, he will need to check your photo ID before wristbanding you with a numbered wristband that correlates your place number in line but does Not guarantee you any bottles, this numbered wristband is only for us to be able to verify each persons correct place in line when we start bottle sales. At that time we will start at the front of the line passing out the limited amount of bottle wristbands with a serial number that is your ticket for bottle sales and guarantees you an opportunity to purchase 2 bottles max. of Finest Hour. At the time we start banding the line for bottle sales and you do not have a wristband on that’s representing your correct place number in line, you will be skipped and lose your opportunity to buy bottles. We appreciate those who come out early to wait respectfully in line that respect the other people before them in line who have waited even longer and do not try to cut the line. For those lucky few who don’t want to do the big line for this beer, Ivan the owner will be releasing a very small allocated amount of bottles that he will put up for sale on-line (date & time yet TBD) and will be priced higher than normal benefitting charity. Sign up for our pub newsletter email on our website for upcoming on-line release announcement and bottle sale details, this on-line sale will also be first come first serve once they go on sale and will be an extremely limited quantity. The bottle sale line on Renaissance will also be the same line used for entry to the fest, so it is all around benefitial if you arrive as early as you can for the best chance at purchasing bottles to take home. We will be selling bottles all day and night long during the event for in-pub consumption only and will have very limited number of previous vintages of CFH in bottles as well for in-pub consumption only. We will also be pouring 3 years of Finest Hour on Draft 2012-2014, plus Finest Sour 2012 & 2013 only one keg of each and once each keg empties it will be gone

Cost: FREE


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No bus?
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No bussss
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Bus being poured ¿ just askin !

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