Mikkeller & Friends 1 Year Party


Some info, from Facebook and others:

Freaky first birthday:
The countdown has begun.....
We are organising a celebration to end our first year of rocking the palettes of the global community of beer geeks.
We are gathering some of the best breweries around, and some of the rarest Mikkeller and To Øl beers, all in the name of a good party.
Join us on the 15th to close our first year and help us start the next with a bang.

Stay tuned for updates freaks.....it’s going to be a blast

We are bringing you 20 never before seen beers to the bar, and some are rare indeed. We may let you know a few tomorrow.......if you are interested of course.

New beers from:
Flying couch, Mikkeller, Amager, Höganäs bryggeri, Malmö Brygghus, All in Brewing.

You can find more info here:



Cost: Buy a beer...

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