Big Ass Tap Takeover with Avery Brewing Co.


If you could have Avery Brewing Co. in your backyard for the day, where would you be? Yep, in your backyard. Well, Parry’s Pizza is bringing the beer geek of the south suburbs that very experience with yet another, Big Ass Tap Takeover. On Saturday, April 26th in Highlands Ranch, Avery Brewing will be very well represented with a slew of their crafty goodness on tap and a smattering of rare bottles to be cracked. This event will ONLY be in Highlands Ranch but don’t fret, it’s still gonna be an ass ton of fun.

Stay tuned to our social media streams for more information on the tap list which could be near 30 beers. Or, do yourself one better and sign up for Parry’s Pizza’s, Ale Yeah Club, here

Cost: No Cover


Keniey Sonley
[email protected]


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