Commander SAAZ Interplanetary Homebrew Blastoff!


SpaceCoast Associates for the Advancement of Zymurgy (SAAZ) is a homebrew club based in Brevard County, Florida.

Commander SAAZ is our annual interplanetary homebrew competition where you can have your beer judged by rocket scientists! This year is our 20th annual competition! Submit your entries and get judged at one of the largest competitions in Florida.

CSIHB is an AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition, part of the Florida Brewing Circuit, and is a qualifying event for the Master’s Championship of Amateur Brewing (MCAB) this year!

Registration: COMING SOON! - All entries must be received by August 29, 2014.

Check out our website or email [email protected] for more information!


Cost: $7 / entry


[email protected]


Homer321 4/3/2014
Are you guys going to be pouring bus?

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