Muckfest V: Ratebeer Legends Edition


Muckfest is an invitation only regional beer gathering in picturesque Lancaster, Ohio.

The main goal of the fest is for good people to get to hang out with each other and.create some cool memories. We also get stupid drunk and feast like kings (not Joffrey through)...

Brian Oberbey says "Make it rain, bitches!".

Pat Muck opines: "I’ve never been".

With testimonials like that, how could you resist.

Featured drinker: Joet Featured heavy drinker: stfun!

Cost: your soul

What to bring: cassette tapes, scrapbooking supplies, small exotic animals, old pornos, stuff, pet rocks, and a sense of entitlement.

Activities: lots of mid-western, appalachian style games.

Brought to you by the C-bus Bastardos!

Cost: 50ish


[email protected]


ogglethorp 7/14/2014
BeerandBlues2 6/26/2014
I gots to find a way to make this one fools.
TheAlum 6/10/2014
In the "Maybe" pile.
footbalm 5/29/2014
Oh yeah! Making some travel arrangements and I will be on the scene Friday!
hopscotch 4/21/2014
In it to win it!

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