Borefts Bier Festival 2014


Cost: 20,00 total festival


[email protected]


bierkoning 9/22/2014
I have a very limited number of Toon van den Broek beers available for IP trades: Geuze 1, Geuze 2, lambic, plum lambic, Flemish Brown and Cluijn.
Theydon_Bois 9/4/2014
Have just updated my cellar with 3 weeks to go. Only got my ’haves’ listed. Take a look and shout me a BM if you want to do business. Fresh Kernel or other London beers always available.
digita7693 8/26/2014
Also up for trades:) I have some De Garde beers and will have just returned from PDX, so I will see what I can bring back cheers
trevorjk 8/26/2014
I am up for trades. ALthough I will not be to the festival until late on Saturday. Otherwise I will be at Plan B Rotterdam all weekend. I will update my cellar list as I get more stuff to trade. Mainly looking to stock up on Sours or fun Imperial Stouts.
Christos 7/12/2014
IP trades welcome! Check cellar or we could even do a locals for locals. Cheers!
andrejes 7/11/2014
Looking for a IP trade??? just look at my cellar, many stuff!!!
FlavioSP 6/18/2014
IP trades welcome! Going from Brazil with many beers to share and trade. Cheers
Dedollewaitor 6/2/2014
IP trades! Shoot me a beermail! Cheers
kermis 4/17/2014

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