Summer Brew Fest



Summer Brew Fest will bring you awesome beers from up to 12 of the UK’s finest start-up & smaller breweries to tickle your taste buds and get the good times going! With over 30 beers on tap from casks & kegs covering a massive range of styles and strengths, plus a few extra bottles here and there, Summer Brew Fest will have something to please all tastes.

We’re currently taking our pick from London’s burgeoning street food community to find you the tastiest eats to pair with your brews. You can expect to see gourmet hot dogs, fantastic burgers, smaller bites (for those who want to leave more room for beer!) and even flavoursome vegetarian/vegan options at Summer Brew Fest.

Split into ’Beer Geek’ day sessions and ’Beer Lover’ evening sessions:

Beer Geek:
Bringing you interesting talks from our lovely brewers covering many aspects of the brewing industry, including some introductions to the newest breweries, talks on raw material and recipes and words of wisdom from those who’ve successfully taken their love of beer to professional level.

Beer Lover:
Drinking and dancing more your thing? Summer Brew Fest’s evening sessions will be set against a backdrop of energetic folk music, with fiddles and jigs being the order of the night! Creating for you a lighthearted festival atmosphere as a perfect compliment to all the lovely beers.


Nicholas Fletcher
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