Brewdog Abstrakt Tasting


Hello everybody!
It’s time to do something abit different this time around, something abstrakt one might say!

Brewdog Abstrakt Tasting
Brewdog hardly needs an introduction anymore, seeing how they have taken the market with storm in this craftbeer revolution that’s sweeping through our nordic country!
They are mostly known for beers such as Punk IPA, 5AM Saint, Dead Pony Club and similar, but these scottish lads have alot more hidden under their kilts!

"The Abstrakt series is more art than beer" sais Brewdog. These beers really push the limits to the max with styles as trippel IPA, oak aged weizenbock, blond imperial stout and much much more! Needless to say you’re in for a beer experience out of this world! What can be more fitting than this in a time where beers is bigger than ever in Norway we ask?

We’ve secured Graham, Brewdog employee, to come over and hold this tasting for us and talk about everything there possibly is to know about these bottled beasts

The tasting will include the following

Abstrakt 06
Abstrakt 07
Abstrakt 08
Abstrakt 09
Abstrakt 10
Abstrakt 11
Abstrakt 12
Abstrakt 13
Abstrakt 14

And as a special treat for the night we will also release the newest Abstrakt 15 on our taplines upstairs!

This tasting will cost 300:- and registration should as always be sent to [email protected]
The time is as usual at 19.00 in the basement at Dr.Jekylls! It’s on the 12th of May so that means it’s only 7 short days left so make sure to get your place!

Best Regards
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