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J Wakefield Brewing and Green Bench are excited to announce the 3rd Annual Floridaweisse Bash. We’ve invited an extensive list of Florida Breweries to join us for this event. Participating breweries include... J Wakefield Brewing, Cigar City Brewing, Green Bench Brewing Co., 7venth Sun Brewing, Coppertail Brewing Co, Southern Brewing & Winemaking and several more.

What’s a Floridaweisse?
As stated last year... Some say it’s Florida’s new signature beer. It’s a spin-off of the traditional Berliner Weisse which is a light, tart, thirst-quenching, low alcohol (2-5%) wheat beer. Rather than adding a sweet syrup to soften the sour punch, Florida brewers are adding fruit! Lots of fruit! All kinds of fruit! Fruits you’ve never heard of before! The bright fruit flavor can add a subtle sweetness to the sour beer, or an add another tart flavor to the already sour beer. A FL Weisse can be like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day or it can be lip puckering, mouth watering, tongue buckling, and eye-popping sour - consider yourself warned.

More information on tickets will be released shortly. In a nutshell... They are $50 a person and limited to 1,000. Tickets get you an 8 oz glass, unlimited pours until the kegs kick, and just a general amazing time. Tickets will go on sale 11:00 AM, day of event.

There will be live music and food vendors throughout the area. We will be closing down Baum Avenue in anticipation of the large crowd.

More information to be posted so check back regularly.

Cost: $50 at the door only

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