Abita Seersucker Pils Release Party


On Wednesday, June 4, Ole Saint is excited to host the Abita Seersucker Summer Pils Release Party!
This brew is made with pilsner and carapils malts and hopped with German Tradition and German Spalt hops. It is a straw-colored pilsner beer with a traditional full-bodied malt flavor and hop bitterness. (ABV 4.8% Color 7 lovibond IBU 35).
As part of the celebration, Ole Saint will be serving up delicious Peel & Eat Shrimp from 4 - 7 pm. $10 for shrimp only, $14 for shrimp & Abita Seersucker.
Abita Beer reps will be at Ole Saint with giveaways for the patrons participating in the introduction.
Come on down, NHL Stanley Cup Championship begins as well!

(504) 309-4797


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