VII Főzdefeszt + STreet Food Show


Hungarian Craft-beer revolution meets street food revolution on a very special festival-marriage. Főzdefeszt was established in 2011 to reposition micro-brewed beers from something boring and unpleasant into a new beer-culture. It was an instant success and by now it has outgrown its original location, and had to move to a bigger one – they found a 6500 squaremeter place ont he bank of the Danube in fornt of the historical building of Technical University, in the shadow of Gellért Hill with a beautiful Danube view.

Főzdefeszt is bigger then ever, presenting 38 Hungarian breweries – many of them gypsy-breweries and young guerilla-brewers – and more the 100 types of beers, next to an impressive array of the best of imported beers from Belgium, Austria, Scotland, England, Czech Republic. You will have the chance to taste some new IPA-s, saisons, wheatbeers, spicy-hot gingerbeers and the strongest ever beer of Hungary, the 15,2% alcohol Tsunami, a coffee-pinched, bourbon barrel chipped imperial stout. Hopfanatic, Élesztő, Fóti, Legenda, zip’s and many more breweries wait for you to taste their beers.

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Daniel Bart
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