Isle of Wight Jolly Boys and Girls Day Out


Here’s the running order for Sunday...

There are 7 of us confirmed now and the more the merrier so do feel free to join up.

Leaving Waterloo on the 09.30 Portsmouth Harbour train, I’ll be boarding at Clapham Junction 09.39, aim to meet up in the front coach, more chance of seats together I imagine. That said I don’t think it should be too busy that time on a Sunday am.

On arrival we will hit the Spoons by the station for a quick 15 minute refresher

Then a 15 minute walk to the Hoverport for the 12.00 crossing

On arrival iin Ryde, 10 minutes later, we will walk to the Simeon Arms (GBG) and spend around half an hour there. The reviews don’t do it much justice but the mission is to pick up a few IOW ticks

Then we’ll take the train at 12.55 to Shanklin at the far end of the railway line, just a 20 minute run.

15 minute walkf then lunch in the Waterfront Inn, circa 13.30-14.30/15.00

GBG pub not on RB. Theres another GBG pub a few minutes walk away that we may have time to pop to.

Back on the 15.18 train to Sandown where we’ll take on another GBG offering, The Castle Inn. It’s 0.35 miles from the station, GBG says it does local beers. We’ll hit the train an hour after we arrived so back into Ryde by 16.40.

This gives us 35 minutes until our return crossing at 17.15.

A bottle shop may yield more IOW ticks ... and the fabled garlic beer???

And there’s also IOW’s very own Spooneria on the same street

These venues are both a couple of minutes walk from the Hovercraft so time to spin both in quickly

Back on the mainland by 17.25 and a 15 minute walk back to the town centre where we’ll finish off with some brewpub action

And let’s all pray to the god of CDA that their offering in this style is on !!!

We have plenty of time here, circa 1745-1925 so I’ll be looking to take on some ballast before taking the 19.37 train back to Clapham Junction 2104 and Waterloo 2114.

Any Q’s drop me (Theydon_Bois) a BM.

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Theydon_Bois 8/22/2014
I have been to Portsmouth a few times Mads, but the other two are indeed virgin territory for me!
SlackerMads 8/17/2014
I have never been to Isle of Wight, Portsmouth or on a hovercraft. Finally it will happen.

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