Modern Times 1st Anniversary Party DAY TWO



JULY 13th at the North Park Flavordome (3000 Upas St. Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92104; entrance is on 30th near the corner of Upas) (NOTE: If you buy a ticket for this date, your confirmation email will list the Fermentorium address; ignore it & come to the Flavordome!)

1. Lomaland saison
2. Fortunate Islands hoppy wheat
3. Black House oatmeal coffee stout
4. Blazing World amber IPA
5. Oneida dry-hopped pale ale
6. Booming Rollers IPA
7. Barrel-Aged Sour Saison (only one barrel of this made, supremely delicious; one pour per person)
8. Red Wine Barrel-Aged Flanders Red (sour debut! one pour per person)
9. Funky Lomaland Aged in White Wine Barrels (Lomaland w/ Brett Trois & Brett Brux)
10. Monsters’ Park (new version, now 12% ABV, tasting amazing)
11. Mega Black House (an imperialized version of Black House)
12. Pilot Lager w/ Australian Helga hops
13. Small Monsters’ Park w/ cocoa nibs & vanilla beans
14. Fortunate Islands w/ grapefruit zest
15. Monsters’ Park Aged in Bourbon Barrels
16. Nitro Black House w/ rye barrel-aged coffee

Cask: Mega Black House on rum-soaked oak chips
Cold Press Coffee (unlimited pours): Black House Blend, Red Wine Barrel-Aged Ethiopian Derar Ela

Back-up kegs: Maple Barrel-Aged Imperial Rye Brown, Rye Saison

Food vendor: Tacos Perla! Mouthwatering tacos from our neighbor will be delivered straight to our tasting room.

Cost: $40

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