Sofa Sessions with Riverside


Be part of an Australian & World first!

A craft beer tasting with the amazing Riverside Brewery, LIVE from the comfort of your own home (or your mates place!).

Simply buy a Riverside tasting pack from Beer Cartel (, login to the tasting session with Head Brewer Dave Padden, and learn about the fantastic Riverside beers as you sip them!

We’ll email you login details - all you need is an internet connection and a computer / laptop / tablet / ipad / tv with sound.

Beers to be sampled:

Riverside 55 Pale Ale
Riverside 44 Amber Ale
Riverside 77 India Pale Ale
Riverside 88 Robust Porter

Three of these beers recently won medals in the Australian International Beer Awards. As part of this pack you will be sent one 330ml bottle of each.

About Riverside:

Western Sydney has always been a bit of a beer wasteland, but in Mid 2012 all that changed when Riverside hit the scene. Since then things have gone absolutely crazy for the brewery; they have developed a cult following of devoted brewers who chase the amazing beers being created; particularly the 44 Amber and 77 India Pale Ale (and the most sought after, but rarely produced 777 Double India Pale Ale). Demand has been sensational and it has meant that very few have had a chance to try the amazing beers from this brewer beyond the boundaries of Sydney.

On top of the amazing beers that are produced, Head Brewer Dave Padden is just an all round great guy. He has participated in a number of meet the brewer tasting sessions and always has had extremely positive reviews. This is your chance to share the quality brews from Riverside with him!

Event Details - How does it work?

Simply purchase the tasting pack - you will then be sent one 330ml beer of each of the 4 beers being featured. The day prior to the tasting event you will be emailed login information. On the night of the event set your computer / laptop / tablet / ipad / tv up with internet and sound - you will be able to connect to the event from 6:45PM. Then kick back pop the top on the first beer being featured and enjoy the event!

During the live event we will also be able to take questions via the Q&A board and twitter.

Getting a few friends around for the occasion?

Simply buy one pack for each person, or if people are driving one pack between two. We will also be having prizes for those that do host a tasting party - simply tweet us your pictures on the night @beercatel to go in the draw!

For more info go to:

Cost: $25 + Shipping


Richard Kelsey
[email protected]
+61 2 9438 4434


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