Sliders and Short’s Beers in Farmington


The Basement Burger Bar in downtown Farmington is highlighting their love of craft beer (and fresh burgers of course) with a Short’s beer and burger slider special on Tuesday evening, 9/30. Join us for dinner starting at 5:00 PM for the Short’s Slider Special that will feature 3 different Short’s beers (5 oz.), each paired with special slider with fresh toppings to complement the beers.

Buy the Slider Special for $15, and then after that your Short’s drafts the rest of the night will be half off. That’s a big 16 oz. draft pint for only $2.50. You can’t go wrong with the burgers, and obviously can’t go wrong with Short’s drafts at a great price!

Cost: $15: 3 sliders & 3 beers


Brad Probert
[email protected]


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