Ready, Set, Growl!


The Ready, Set, Growl Beer Festival presented by Whole Foods Tap Room will take place in Juilliard Park in Santa Rosa on Sunday, August 24 between 11am and 3pm. The beer festival will be in conjunction with the Santa Rosa Marathon. Last year the marathon had 4,000 participants and another few thousand spectators.

The beer garden near the finish line was a big hit. So much so that it encouraged Orhan Sarabi, race director, to team up with longtime Russian River Beer Revival organizer, Mark LaGris to plan for a full on beer festival. Some breweries that are already committed include Lagunitas, Bear Republic, Firestone, Faction, Bison, Auburn Alehouse, 101 North, Ruth McGowan’s, Out of Bounds, Warped, Hangar 24, Ninkasi, Stumptown, Dogfish Head, Fogbelt, Sonoma Cider and the list goes on.

Home brewed beer made by some of the best brewers in the Sonoma Beerocrats will be on full display as well. Sonoma Beerocrats is an American Home Brewers Association sanctioned home brewing club based in Sonoma County, California. Attendees will make the decision on who is making the best home brew the day of the event.

Cost: $45

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