Maftown Beer Festival


An array of local,national &international beer and best of crafts in Beer,whiskey,cider,vodka & wine. Beer-Music- Culture, is our theme

This year MBF will be bringing you beer tastings with experts and the opportunity to watch home brewing demonstrations and participate in blind tastings to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Expect a beer garden with umbrellas and say cheers to welcoming the season of Spring and Heritage in style!
Maftown Beer Festival promises to best deliver on three things: Beer, Music and Culture.

Maftown Beer Festival is a twenty-hour non-stop event that celebrates the brewing and crafting heritage of beer and will feature over 6 breweries under one venue. The Festival is Mahikeng’s largest annual gathering of beer enthusiasts, connoisseurs and those just wishing to enjoy beer in a vibey environment. Beer in this regard does not only include the drink brewed from malted barley, but goes on to a wide range of alcoholic beverages such as ciders, whiskeys, spirits, cocktails and wine so as to cater for all tastes.


Maswabi Nimrod Nimza
[email protected]


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