Drake’s 25th Anniversary


25th Anniversary FAQ
OK, kids, it’s getting down to crunch time for our 25th Anniversary Event on Friday, September 12th from 4-10pm. All the fine print you could ever want is in our blog post, but here’s a quick FAQ:

Q1) Do I need a ticket?
A1) Nope! The ticket options are there for those of you who just gotta have Headzo, our 18% Anniversary Beer. But any & everyone (over 21) is welcome to come & hang out, with no admission fee.

Q2) How do I get there?
A2) There are all these options, which will get you here every day, but for the event, we will also be running a BART shuttle from 6:30pm-10:30pm. Catch it at San Leandro BART, at the far right/south end of the bus stops (at the Links/Flex shuttle stop).

Q3) I’m a very important, busy person whose time is far too important to read whatever a "blog" is. Just… what’s the deal with this event?
A3) Okay, that’s cool too. We’re closing off the parking lot, setting up everything we own that can pour a beer, and having ourselves a party. If you’ve been to a Drake’s First Friday, you’re halfway there. In addition to that: live music, a photo booth, Drake’s Beer Talks (more on that below), four food trucks (Fist of Flour, Fiveten Burger, Bomzie’s BBQ, and Bourbon Brothers), and lots and lots of beer.

Q4) Tell me more about this… "beer."
A4) Okay:

Cost: pay as you go

510 562-0866


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