Free Beer Week - 2017


Shake off the winter doldrums and share some beer! Let’s make this the biggest and best year yet.

For those of you holding contests (or otherwise giving away free beer) the expectation is that you ship or communicate arrangements to ship your free beer no-later-than 60 days of the close of the contest. If you can’t agree to this, don’t post a contest. Of course, giving away some free premium memberships is always a hit too if you can’t send a box of beer.

See Master lists of each year’s contests below:

2011 - first round (no master data list)

2012 results -

2013 results -

2014 results -

2015 results -

2016 results -

Cost: FREE




TimTimLarsen 3/7/2017
How does this work?
poisoneddwarf 2/18/2017
It’s easier to just tune in on the first day, March 5, here in the Forums. You’ll see examples of what it’s all about. People will post contests. Whoever wins the contests wins free beer.
adamnowek 2/13/2017
What is this?

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