Ratebeer Gathering at CL


Part II of the Ratebeer Gather

Cost: Bring a bottle to share

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maltduck 5/4/2007
Bringing a 40 of Steel Reserve
notalush 5/2/2007
Looks like we're out. We're t
Cletus 5/1/2007
I’ll be there around 1 an
yobdoog 5/1/2007
My dad came across a bottle of
Dickinsonbeer 4/30/2007
HOP 15 Pliny the younger Swe
hophead75 4/30/2007
I should be bringing a growler
BillN 4/28/2007
with any luck the next special
luiss 4/14/2007
Glad this was set up. Looking<

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