35th Pig's Ear Beer Festival 2018


The Pigs Ear festival is back for it's 35th installment and your presence is requested in the glorious Round Chapel, Hackney.

Production has been good this year and as a result we will have a selection of the finest ale and cider on offer. Many rare cask conditioned beers will be available with up to 230 on offer over the course of the week.

Keep an eye on this event, our website (www.pigsear.org.uk) and our twitter page @pigsearcamra

Remember: all beers are equal but some beers are more equal than others.


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stevoj 11/16/2018
Harrisoni, I'll be there all day on the 4th and 5th. If you in London, we should hook up on another day (I'm there from Nov 28th to Dec 7)
harrisoni 10/25/2018
Going Thursday 6th all day

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