After-Pumpkin Party


RateBeer takes over Selinsgrove Brewing Company for the 2008 release of their Pumpkin Ale. Followed by a tasting at my house for those up to it.

Not much in the way of beds, but plenty of floorspace for sleeping bags or air mattresses.

I’ll provide munchies, bologna, cheese, whatever else I can scrape together.

BM me with any questions!


Cost: Bring some beers to share

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hopdog 10/24/2008
I have at least 2 Growlers of stuff to bring to the after party; - Great Lakes Rack house - Southampton Oyster Stout And if you are all lucky, I’ll bring Miller Lite Blonde Ale & Miller Lite Amber Beer :)
egajdzis 10/24/2008
Tom, I never did get to try the Scratch 10... I’ve got a Golden Delicious, Weyerbacher Decadence, Riserva, and growler of Charlie.
MrBendo 10/24/2008
I was planning on bringing a Firestone 11 and a FlacoAlto homebrew.
At least to start.
3fourths 10/23/2008
I’ll be there from 5pm till whenever
yobdoog 10/22/2008
Stopping at One Guy - Will get a Growler.
Miver 10/22/2008
I won’t force those of you that have tried Deviation choke down another sample... but I’m bringing a bottle of that. Ithaca Brute... I’ll keep diggin in my cellar...
CaptainCougar 10/17/2008
Anyone bringing anything special for the tasting? I was thinking of bringing an Upland lambic or two and a Terrapin Side Project Gamma Ray. I also have plenty of Scratch 10 and 14 if anyone wants a bottle.
Dickinsonbeer 10/16/2008
what time are people meeting at Selins grove?

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