RBESG 2009 - Sheffield


RBESG 2009, Sheffield (with Manchester thrown in for good measure)

Fri 17th

9.00 breakfast Bankers Draft McSpoons, quick visit to other 2 - all open 9am

10.30 or 11.00 brewery visit to Brew Company or Sheffield

11.30 Harlequin - 8 + cellar runs - probably by me! - lunch

13:30 Riverside - 7 + cellar runs

14:00 Kelham Island Tavern - 10-12

15.00 Cask & Welly - 10 + poss cellar runs + Little Ale Cart brewery visit

16.30 Gardeners Rest - 10 + visit to Brew Co or Sheffield

18.30 Hillsborough Hotel - 8 + cellar runs + Crown brewery visit. Dinner

University Arms, Thornbridge Hall tasting session

Additional possible stop at Milestone between KIT and Cask

Sat 18th

breakfast in Bankers Draft McSpoons for those not having inclusive breakfast with accommodation

10.42 train to Man Pic, free bus to Salford or coach throughout if financially viable

12ish Crescent - 8-12, lunch

2ish New Oxford - 8-12

3.30ish bus into Victoria area

4.00 Marble Arch - 8

5.00 Beer House - 4 - including house beer

5.30 Smithfield - 7-8

6.30 Bar Fringe - 5

7.15 Crown & Kettle - 4-8

Last train on a Saturday is 21:xx, so may be limited to couple more pubs. If using coach could do a few more

Sun 19th

Grand Bottle tasting in Harlequin, with lunch or buffet, possibly second meal later depending how long we expect to stay

Cost: tbc


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bierkoning 6/9/2009
Flight tickets booked, hotel booked. Be there from friday till monday.
thewolf 6/1/2009
And remember to add to the beerlist - http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pbYwdUExz1fuI4Njz2cwcLA&hl=da (the link doesn’t seem to work in RB, but just copy and paste it!) Beermail me your Google account and I’ll give you access!
Nightfall 5/26/2009
Flight tickets : check , train tickets: check , room: check :) Counting the days...
hughie 5/14/2009
Got my train tickets for day one. I’m as excited as it’s possible for an old bloke to be.
Phil 5/13/2009
It's a long way from Kansas.
cgarvieuk 5/4/2009
Cheers dave im looking forward to this.
haddonsman 1/15/2009
Do I really have to? OK, but only for the corned beef and beetroot cobs.
evilempire 12/24/2008
I might come, see how I feel on the day...
harrisoni 12/24/2008
OK, I will struggle up from Kent.......
Borresteijn 12/22/2008
Definitely going to try to attend at least one day, if that is possible. Already got my girlfriend interested in a holiday so she can meet with old friends in Dewsbury while I will be attending the meeting. Sounds great!

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