Update April 20th: Slight change to Friday (no Sal’s as he changed his opening times, but I will play tour guide in Yokohama to beer and non-beer places for the day)

Yokohama - The theme is America in Japan. Daytime tour tourist site tour (Motomachi/Chinatown). Lunch in Chinatown. Beer stops at Craft Beer Bar/Pivovar if people really want. Then hit Thrashzone, where I can ask them to possibly put on tap at least Ballast Point Victory at Sea and Dorado, plus he has a sick bottle selection. If people come later they can join us at Thrashzone.

Nakameguro Taproom from noon. For its 1st Ann. pints are Y700, Y1500 buffet and seasonals plus 1st Ann. Ale. Then over to Shimokitazawa, I would like to check out Beer Rock (new place) and of course finishing at Ushitora (they will put something special on tap)

Brewery tour. Still finalizing details, including finding one more driver (Fujiyama, Fujizakura, Bayren Meister and Gotemba Kogen seem likely). Pray for good weather.

Cost: 3800 yen on Sunday


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Beerkat 5/11/2009
Thanks for organizing all the stuff! Fri. seems to be a bit hard as I’ve just come back from San Diego last night (I missed airplane and still with hungover). Sat & Sun, definitely. Can’t wait! :)
chuwy 5/6/2009
Fri looks like a killer. My kind of crawl. Unfortunately I’m in a party from 6 but I’ll try to duck out so won’t make it till late. Thanks for organising all this. Sun could be fun. I’ve already got my beer passport. Used it last weekend.
TheJollyOne 5/1/2009
Hey Tim, guys. Sorry, Ive been MIA on ratebeer lately. Yamanashi to Yokohama friday after work may be a bit far to bother, but Ill have a look. Saturday sounds great, Ill be in for the whole thing. Sunday I may duck out again as Ive been to 3 or the 4 breweries in the past 6 months. Cant wait!
omhper 4/30/2009
Bags are packed - heavy with beer, flying tomorrow. Look forward to see you all!
jonno 2/4/2009
me too!
Capa 1/4/2009
Will be there if I'm able!

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