Toronado Barley Wine Festival


The Toronado Barleywine Festival
Saturday, February 14; 11:00 to close
Free admittance (barleywine samples may be purchased individually)

Having just celebrated their 21st anniversary, the Toronado has established itself as the preimere San Francisco bar for great beer. And the annual Barleywine Festival is the original SF Beer Week event, having first been held in 1994. It is the undisputed champion of barleywine festivals.

The 16th annual Toronado Barleywine Festival begins at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and continues until the beer runs out the following Sunday, February 22.

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fidel 2/14/2009
It was a mad house on Saturday. Very good beer! Wow!
bb 1/16/2009
Probably not on the 14th, but I'll get there a few times that week. If anyone wants to grab lunch there on another day, let me know.
Ibrew2or3 1/12/2009
You're not the only one. Not only am I married but have a three year old and will leave them behind to travel across the country for beer (oh, and the minor point of visiting family and friends, well the reason I'm allowed to head west in the first place).
AgentSteve 1/11/2009
Valentines Day? Are you kidding? My wife will be irate if I don't make it home by 3:00 at the latest! Am I the only married man planning on going that who's wife isn't a beer fan? There needs to be an express line for us!

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