Killer Kowalski Release


Two award winning beers will be released in the next month.

--Killer Kowalski Baltic Porter-- Gold Medal at the 2007 GABF, and Silver Medal at the 2008 GABF in the Baltic Porter division. KK will be on tap and about 120 cases will be available at the release for $10/bottle. There is no limit at this time, but it may depend on the turnout. There may be some in Chicagoland afterward, but there is no guarantee. We will attempt to sell it all on 2/7. Label info can be viewed on the Flossmoor Station blog.

--Wooden Hell-BB Aged Barleywine--
It will not be on tap and all of the available bottles have been reserved by e-mail. Orders can be picked up no earlier than 11:30am Tues. Jan. 20 until Sat. Feb. 7- the day of the KK Release. Confirmation e-mail is required at this time. Any remaining or unaccounted for bottles will be sold on Sat. Feb. 7 at the KK Release.

Details are available at

Cost: none


Matt Van Wyk
[email protected]
708 957-BREW


Cornfield 2/6/2009
Looking forward to the commemorative glass!
NobleSquirrel 1/19/2009
question: if we have reserved our bottles of WH, when do we need to pick them up by on 2/7 before they are considered unclaimed/unaccounted for?
TheAlum 1/14/2009
Will there be an early KK release for Mug Club members by an hour like there was for the Collaborative Evil release?

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