18th Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation


Both Saturday and Sunday kickoff is at 15h00 (in contrast of last years).

This festival serves about all (’regular’) unblended lambics, traditional geuzes and traditional lambic based fruit beers. Also the beers from the local breweries (Bosteels and Malheur) are available.

There is overnight accomodation (reservation mandatory) and a taxi service from Heizijde and Buggenhout railway station available. For more details: check the website!

Cost: Free entry


Tim (diabel)


jbrus 4/15/2009
Bring beer to share at the riding school and don't expect to sleep much :-)
KimJohansen 3/28/2009
Saturday is the day then. There will be lot's of RateBeerians on saturday. Usually we do a small tasting at the riding school afterwards if you are not to hammered.
jessbnjess 3/23/2009
Thanks so much for the info (I'm commenting for Maxx and I). We are staying for in Belgium, Amsterdam, and Paris for 2 weeks, but we are making a bunch of stops, so it's looking like we'll probably just end up staying at the fest for one night. :)
diabel 3/23/2009
It depends on the length of your trip and your love for lambics to decide to come one or two days. There are a lot of rare beers at our fest, but if you are staying a short period in Belgium, you might be ok with 1 day. Sharing is possible, as long as it isn't the main focus of attending.
MaxxDaddy 3/20/2009
Hey all. I have a few questions for any veterans of this event. First, is it worth doing the entire weekend? We're planning out our trip and want to set everything out. Also, is it cool to bring beers to share? Really looking forward to this!

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