Russian Rivers 5th Anniversary


I have been procrastinating this blog all day in the spirit of Vinnie’s newest creation, which we FINALLY released at our pub today! Yes, Procrastination, a Belgian-style Herbed beer, was tapped just in time for our 5th Anniversary this weekend, and will only be available on draft at our pub! We have all been waiting patiently for years, watching it on the “Coming Soon” section of the chalkboard, wondering when and what Procrastination will be, and, voila! The wait is finally over! This Belgian-style beer is made with fresh, locally grown Sonoma County herbs. It weighs in at a whopping 9.3% ABV and 72 BU’s… clearly not for the average beer drinker! Check out the “chalkboard” on our website for all the beers that will be available this weekend at our Anniversary Party, and are actually available now! Please join us for our HUGElarge party Saturday April 4th, celebrating 12 years of RRBC (Vinnie and the beer), and 5 years at the pub! Here is the line-up, in no particular order: HUGElarge; The Mud, the Blood, and the Beer; Wild Card Belly Dance. As always, the show is FREE, starts around 8pm, and seating is first come first served, no reservations… unless you are Anthony Bourdain!

Cost: Cost of your beer!


Vinnie Cilurzo
[email protected]


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