Bitter & Sour Night


Friday, May 22nd, is the official date for Johnny Brown’s Bitter and Sour Night. Economy got you down? Boyfriend is a jerk? Girlfriend just dumped you? Job suck? Or are you like me and just have a general bitter and sour personality, then come on down and have some of the best sours and IPAs around. We will have Consecration, Blind Pig and Pliny the Elder on tap from Russian River. From Alpine, bottles the Lambic Briscoe and Nelson and Exponential IPAs on tap. Ballast Point is providing kegs of Sour Wench, Sculpin and barrel aged Sea Monster Stout. The Bruery is adding two kegs including the amazing Cuvee Jeune and Hottenroth Berliner Weiss. Lost Abbey is contributing Phunky Duck Gueze and Cuvee de Tomme on tap. We will have a keg Rouge from Ommegang and Pizza Port IPAs will be on hand too. We will also have two IPA casks; Booya Steez (what the hell is that name about) and Nelson from Alpine. La Folie from New Belgium will grace our taps too. Still no word if Rodenbach will be able to show up for the event. That is a good partial list of beers for that night. I have more that I will sit on for a bit. We will also be serving up some complimentary traditional Flemish beef stew along with our regular complimentary appetizers.

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