The White Horse American Beer Festival


The White Horse is gearing up for its 2nd American Beer Festival this July 3rd-5th. The pub, which recently won CAMRA’s West London Pub of the Year, is rustling up more American beers than ever to ensure it’s an even bigger success than last year. Ben Lockwood, a manager at The White Horse, says: “We’ve assembled a variety of beers, including some in cask, from the Sierra Nevada, Victory, Stones, Goose Island, Flying Dog, Anchor, Great Divide and Left Hand Breweries. Stone Brewery alone is offering Smoked Porter with vanilla pods in the cask, Pale Ale with coriander and an extra oak chipped version of Arrogant Bastard.” To complement these great beers, the White Horse is proud to present a very special 40-gallon whisky cask from Greenwich’s Meantime Brewery, filled with the brewery’s Special London Porter. Alastair Hook, voted Brewer of the Year in 2008, will be there to mark the start of the festival by tapping this incredibly rare beer. Alastair Hook said: “We are delighted that The White Horse has let us throw down the gauntlet to the American brewers by giving drinkers a comparative taste of an extremely traditional beer, a six-month old porter vatted in the original London brewing style, and brewed with a little imagination of our own.”

Cost: Free


Ben Lockwood
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